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Cover Letter:

Dear Human resources/Hiring manager for Engineering jobs,

I am applying for the Electrical Engineer position in the field of 
ASIC or FPGA design and verification, DFT or Application engineering.

I have a Master's degree (MSEE) in Electrical Engineering and four 
years of industry experience as an ASIC design engineer. I have 
worked on various stages of the design flow and have performed 
functions such as RTL logic design using Verilog; design 
verification; Dynamic timing analysis using TimeMill; DFT and ATPG 
using Tetramax; FPGA design. I have good communication skills 
and problem solving ability.

I was responsible for finding the cause of design failure when the 
DSP processor communicates with the Memory. I was also responsible 
for generating ATPG patterns that passed functional test in Verilog.

I am willing to self-relocate nationwide, within USA and Canada, 
and my salary requirement is negotiable. You can call me at 
(408) 829-2757 or (404) 431-5545 or email me at


Salahuddin (Salah) Kazi
107 Stoneview Trail, Atlanta, GA 30047
Tel: (408) 829-2757, (404) 431-5545


MSEE, 4 years experience, worked extensively on dynamic timing
analysis using TimeMill, designed Remote I/O expander for I2C bus,
worked on ATPG for DFT, experienced user of Verilog, TimeMill and ATPG

To work as an Electrical Engineer in the field of ASIC, custom 
or FPGA design and verification, DFT or Application engineering


Web consultant 01/02 to present
* Designed, developed and published the website for The Royal Leather (
* Developed the website for American Impex (

Agere Systems, Atlanta, GA 05/00 to 01/02
Functional design engineer
* Designing the next-generation, high-speed DSP processors
* Configured TimeMill and performed dynamic timing analysis and
solved issues on gate level netlist
* Generated ATPG vectors that passed functional test for DFT work 
using Tetramax
* Pushed Verilog RTL through the design flow using Epic tools suite
by Synopsys
* Verified Verilog cell library against the Spice library using ATPG
test vectors

Fairchild Semiconductor, San Diego, CA 02/98 to 05/00
Digital Circuit design engineer
* Designed CMOS RTL logic using Verilog HDL and verified design
using Verilog-XL
* Designed and verified Remote 8-bit I/O expander for I2C bus
* Verified the isophase mode of Video decoder and determined the
offset limits for the inputs and submitted report
* Designed logic for error counter and entered schematic using ALTERA 
FPGA tools
* Edited PCB layout and schematic, and developed boot sequence for board


Application Software (UNIX Environment)
Verilog HDL, Viewlogic VHDL, Verilog-XL, TimeMill, PathMill,
EPIC tools suite by Synopsys, Tetramax, ALTERA MAX+II, HSPICE

Programming Languages
C, Java, Pascal, FORTRAN, Assembly Language, Perl


Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
Master of Science, December 1997, Electrical Engineering

Osmania University, Hyderabad, India
Bachelor of Engineering, July 1995, Computer Science and Engineering

ACCOMPLISHMENTS (Course projects)
* Designed a 32 bit SRAM memory unit at MOSFET transistor 
level and tested read and write operations using SPICE
* Designed 32-bit Fast adder, Pipeline adder and 32-bit Barrel shifter
* Designed a RISC processor using VHDL and designed and tested 32-bit
ALU, and Central Processor Unit CPU for VLSI course project
* Designed 6 bit Binary Decoder with enable, 16-bit Register cell bus
and 16-bit Multi function register using VHDL, and Magic for layout
* Designed and tested 8-bit Multiplier using Booth recoding algorithm

Willing to self-relocate nationwide within USA and Canada