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My Lessons Learned:

Dear PMP aspirants,

For some time now, I wanted to post my lessons learned while preparing for my PMP certification.

To prepare for the PMP exam,  I had primarily read HeadFirst from first page to last page three times. They follow the sequence of PMBOK and do a good job in helping you really 'understand' all the knowledge areas, and why you do what you do. I didn't memorize the inputs and outputs of each Knowledge area (ITTOs), but really understood 'all' the TOOLs for each process. And, by elimination, could figure out the inputs/outputs while taking sample tests. However, like I said, you should really understand the tools for all the 42 processes and know each single tool and have a good understanding on what the outputs are for each process and what the inputs to the process were.

Many people have passed PMP exam by referring to Rita's or Kim's books, but I found HeadFirst more suitable to my learning style. You may want to see a preview of all the books in google.books and decide what will suite your reading and learning style.

I will suggest that you attempt the practice questions at the end of each chapter only after you have read the book at least once.

I had partly skimmed PMBOK 4 only once, but made sure to cross reference all my wrong answers in sample test against PMBOK.

And, I did the following free full tests 'after' having read the HeadFirst PMP book thrice:

- Headfirst 200 questions
- PMstudy Free online test (note that you get only one day to review the answers)
- Oliver Lehmann (did only the 175 questions downloadable version. I found the 75 Oliver's online questions version outdated)

If you score around 80% on Headfirst and PMstudy, and around 70% on Oliver's sample tests, then consider yourself ready for the exam. The percentages I just mentioned is what I almost scored. It will help you a lot to also review the answers even for the questions that you scored 'correctly' in the sample tests. 

In the exam, several of the questions were situation bases. PMI does a good job in checking the understanding of the 42 processes and their application. I got 'moderately proficient' in all knowledge areas.

Good luck to all the PMP aspirants.