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Dear Human Resources Manager,

I am currently exploring career opportunities in Qatar that can utilize my skills and experience in Control Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Project management.

I have more than ten years of work experience in USA, Canada and more recently in India and have a Master's degree (MSc.EE) in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State University. I am a certified PMP - Project Management Professional. I am also aiming to prepare for ITIL certification.

My experience includes hands on issue and incident management, troubleshooting and debugging of Systems and analyzing failures. This included working on fixing hardware and PCB failures, reviewing the system design, working on drivers and firmware updates and testing and maintenance of new systems. The systems I worked on ranged in complexity from a multiple card system controlled by multiple microcontrollers and processors to a simpler PCI based system.

I have extensive experience in applying the best practices of project management and continuous improvement methodology in managing products, projects, customers and hardware development.  In my recent role the aspects of product and project management that I perform include communicating with the stakeholders, analyzing requirements, working with the development team in planning, prioritizing and scheduling the deliverables, and providing the tested deliverables to the client. The product management cycle was completed by performing market requirement analysis and providing report to senior management for business alignment and technology alignment. I have also authored technical documents and made technical presentations.

I am a Canadian citizen and am presently working on a short term contract with National Oil and Gas Services in Doha, Qatar. I can be reached at +974-3364-8315 or +974-4486-8266. 


Salahuddin Syed Kazi, MSc.EE, PMP
Tel: +974-3364-8315 (M), +974-4486-8266 (R)

Current Address:
P.O. Box 31246
Doha, Qatar

Permanent Address:
419 Pettit Trail, Milton
Ontario, L9T 0B3 Canada


Senior Product and Project management professional with hands on Electrical Engineering experience in design, maintenance, debugging and troubleshooting issues of various system failures. Ten years of proven experience in Canada, USA and India in issue and incident management, customer and project management for diversified Systems development clients.


Technical Consultant / Project Coordinator, National Oil and Gas Services, Doha, Qatar, July 2010 to Present (3 month contract)
- Coordinated and facilitated the initial planning and setup process of new manufacturing facility project in Doha
- Collected technical information and details from various stakeholders and established document filing system
- Documented and coordinated the factory layout and design developed by the Engineering Specialist
- Followed up with government parties to understand the process and gathered documentation for legal and licensing requirements
- Coordinated and followed up on project meetings

Product Applications Engineer, Product Management, Synopsys India, 2008 to 2010
- Applied the best practices of Project Management and worked with the development team and stakeholders in successfully managing the Microcontroller Bus IP (AMBA) and providing satisfactory customer support
- Managed product releases and resolved technical issues incidents with usage of AMBA products in client designs by using SAP CRM tools
- Performed incident management and root cause analysis by analyzing failures
- Managed the quality validation and rollouts of upgrades and new product revisions
- Prioritized and managed client requirements based on availability of engineering resources and company’s strategic goals
- Developed application notes and made technical presentations
- Applied continuous improvement methodology in enhancing product support system
- Performed market requirement analysis and provided report to senior management for business alignment and technology alignment
- Trained and guided junior support engineers

Field Applications Engineer, Customer Management, ViXS Systems, Toronto, Canada, 2006 to 2007
- Managed customers in Asia, provided technical support and assisted them in integrating Video Processor ASIC in their PCI/PCIe based systems
- Assisted customers in the development and debugging of circuit boards (PCB) and developed proof of concept schematic designs
- Coordinated with the firmware and driver development teams to implement feature requests and tested firmware and drivers before customer release
- Wrote Application notes and test procedures

Independent Consultant, 2003 to 2006
- Configured Agilent ATE test equipment  and Executed test vectors
- Supported IBM server customers with technical issues

Digital Design Engineer, Agere Systems, Atlanta, USA, 2000 to 2002
- Debugged timing issues by performing timing analysis of DSP processor
- Generated ATPG test vectors and debugged functional test failures

Design Engineer, Fairchild Semiconductor, San Diego, USA, 1998 to 2000
- Designed and coded RTL logic of Remote 8-bit I/O expander for I2C bus
- Designed FPGA error counter and entered schematic using ALTERA FPGA tools


PMI certification           PMP (Project Management Professional)           2010
Member of PEO                       Professional Engineers of Ontario, Canada        2007 - 2008


Master of Science       Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, USA  1997
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSc.EE)
Bachelor of Engineering Osmania University, Hyderabad, India            1995
Computer Science and Engineering, DCET Campus


Nationality:    Canadian
Date of birth:  05th June 1974
Sex:            Male
Religion:       Islam
Marital status: Married
Number of children: Three